Store Reviews Module for Opencart 3.0

This module add the section "Store Reviews" in the admin panel of Opencart 3.0, as well as the module of the latest reviews. A separate page of reviews is created on the site and you can also display the latest reviews on any other page in the form of modules.

The feedback page should be in every online store, because buyers are always interested in what customers are saying about you and whether you should trust you. In Opencart 3.0 there are reviews of products, but there is no separate page with reviews about the site and online store services, but our module completely solves this problem.

The module has the following fields, each of which can be turned on or off in the settings:

- review title

- name of the author / client

- author / customer email

- author / customer city

- feedback text

- good (description of the advantages of the store / order / goods)

- bad (description of store / order / product shortcomings)

- rating (in the form of 5 stars)

- date

- upload photos to review (can be both the author's photo and the photo of the order / goods - but only one photo)

- comment to the response from the site administration

You can configure that reviews can be left by all clients or only registered. You can also enable administrator notification about a new response and moderating reviews. The administrator has the ability to add new (fake) reviews or edit received.

The module does not affect standard reviews about products and does not combine them with reviews about the store.

Installing the module:

1. You must have a module install fix to properly load modules

2. Download the archive through the Installation of modules in the admin panel

3. Update modifiers in the Modifications section.

4. Grant the rights to the group Administrators. To do this, open the System > Users > User Groups > Administrators section > click "Select All" below both blocks and Save.

5. In the admin menu, the Reviews section will appear. Now you can open the settings, familiarize yourself with the necessary revocation fields.

6. The site reviews page will be available at /index.php?route=product/xreviews

If you have SEO URL enabled - then the address of the page will be /reviews

The module adds a link to the reviews page in the menu in the basement of the site, but this link may not be added on all templates. If the link is not added - try to reset the template cache by clicking the "gear" on the main page of the admin panel.

7. If there is a need to display the latest reviews on other pages - in the Modules > Modules section > enable "Store Reviews" and configure which fields to show the latest reviews in the widget. After that, the module should be displayed on the necessary pages through the section Design > Layouts.

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